Lotion Bars
Lotion Bars
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Lotion Bars

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What are lotion bars?  They are solid lotion! 

How do I use a lotion bar?  Simply remove the bar from the tin, put the bar against your skin and the warmth of your body will melt the lotion right onto your skin! The bar goes right back in the re-usable tin for storage until your next use!  

Made from beeswax, shea butter, apricot kernal oil, arrowroot powder

These handy bars are packaged and stored in a re-usable screw top tin and perfect for those on go!  

These natural lotion bars are free of phthalates, parabens, formadehyde, the other long named chemicals found in most lotions.  LOVE THIS!

Careful! Keep lotion bars out of the direct heat and sunlight.  They are made to melt at body temperature.

Bars are stored in a reusable screw top tin (2 inches diameter ,1 inch height) and each bar weighs approx 1.3 ounces

Available in the following scents:
Rosie - rosewater scented
Libra - mediterranean fig with green floral and woodsy hints
Relax Already - lavender scented
Sweet Caroline - oatmeal milk and honey scented
Dragonfly - dark plum, black cherry and vanilla
Dazed and Confused - earthy and fresh with orchid, jasmine , lily of the valley, tonka  bean
Ordinary - SCENT FREE!
On the masculine side…
Urban Cowboy - bergamot and basil leaf with oak moss and white patchouli scented
Nordic Nights - bergamot, mandarin, thyme and jasmine